Messe München


With the connect app we want to provide you a platform for interesting and enriching exchanges with other industry participants. In order to succeed, we have put together a few general notes for you.

We are polite and respectful.

There is always a human on the other side of the screen. In virtual conversations (for example discussions in channels), we behave the way that is as appropriate as in personal contact.

We share knowledge and participate actively.

We share information, knowledge and experience among each other and allow others to benefit from our ideas and creativity.

We pay attention to confidentiality.

We consider that personal information and data has to be treated confidentially.

We respect the rights of others.

We always keep the claims of others in mind, for example the copyright of files and photos from the internet or the right to own pictures. We will only change the content of others with their consent or inform them about the changes. We always disclose our sources and thereby increase our own credibility.

We use appropriate photos.

For images such as our voluntary profile photos, we ensure to make a professional impression.

Our comments reflect our personal opinion.

When we post comments or contributions, we always speak for ourselves: we point out that this is our personal opinion.

We do not use predefined channels for our own advertising.

The predefined channels are intended to display general topics. It is strictly prohibited to use the predefined channels for placing any kind of advertising content.

Do you have further questions about using connect?
We are happy to help: